Shopping in Amsterdam Pt. 2

Shopping in Amsterdam Pt. 2

And now the fabrics!
We spent most of our time in flea markets, finding stuff and enjoying the good weather…If only I had more space to carry more!!

These are fat quarters of fabrics resembling a lot to Liberty (but not Liberty).

I bought the “map” fabric to make our new sofa pillows…I hope they’ll come out ok.

These were super-cheap! and I think they will be great as binding or backing.
The following were for my husband, whose idea is to applique them in his old clothes!

I really enjoyed buying fabric, because I usually buy everything online, and this time I had the chance to try it on my fingers before buying. Of course the prices were not as cheap as buying from the US. but there were also some top bargains!
Welcome to Zarkadia Quilting Co.!

Quilts are the most intimate and personal of objects. They connect us with each other to the primal ground of the bed-the place we spend half our lives; where we are born, sleep, have sex, and die; the place where we replenish ourselves and dream our dreams; the place of nurture and healing, where we retreat in sickness and frailty; and the place where we receive the comfort and care of those who love us.

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