S# Theme Day (4)

As you’ ve already figured out, Saturdays are Theme Days, meaning I am selecting a theme and I post pictures of creations I like from other crafters.Today is Embroidery day!Have a nice weekend. via: kyabe via: flossbox via: sewing seed/etsy via: orsy via: marikanola via: nanacompany http://zarkadian.blogspot.com

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Male apron?

Or not? Well it is meant as a gift for a friend, so when I chose the fabric I was thinking “masculine”. But it is perfect for me also…  I used an Ikea fabric that I had on my stash for ages…and it does fit for an apron… +my beautiful golden posing for the picture

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Wednesday WIP

I’ve been hand quilting like crazy the past week to finish this quilt. I had many problems, since it was the first time I tried it. Working with the hoop made it very difficult for me, and so I finished it without using the hoop. I hope I did it ok…What do you think? http://zarkadian.blogspot.com

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