Blogger redirects to your country domain

My knowledge of managing web site is fairly good, so when Blogger (thus Google) recently decided to automatically redirect MY blog to the country domain of each reader, I got really ungry.
I mean: Instead of having it redirects to (as you have already figured out I live in Greece). If a reader of my blog lives in Australia, for example, it redirects to

But what is the problem with that?

Well, the main problem, that I saw, was the Comments of my readers. If a reader lives in Germany and I live in Greece, the reader writes the comment at, and I cannot read it because I see the domain
Get it?
Google is obviously desperately trying to manage the content of your website, targeting to each specific country. Personally, I have a serious problem about that.

What is the solution?

The solution is here. Read the post and follow this guy’s instructions and you will prevent this redirection forever.

Source: via Eugene on Pinterest
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