Happy New Year!

Happy New 2013, to everyone! Wishing for all of us to be more creative this year!

+Thessaloniki communications tower
+Mount Olympus
+Mount Olympus

I had a great time visiting my family, it was really emotional this time.
I spent most of my time with my niece, that is the most adorable girl in the world…

I did a bit of fabric shopping, because I always find my basic cotton solids in amazing prices. Possibly on Friday I will tell you all about it.

Also, we organised a small gathering for the Etsy Greek Street Team members that live in Thessaloniki and we really had a good time, learned a lot of things, and got to know people that were just “online-acquantainces” and now they are a lot more. A big thank you to everyone that participated, but a special thanks to Savvina from WishSupplies that made a great effort for this meeting.

1. Tassos from tassostudio
2. Elsa from cloudpearls
3. Zafeira from zarkadia
4. Renia from letsdecorateonline
5. Sophia from akatos 
6. Χenia from polixeni19
7. Savvina from wishsupplies
8. Victoria from lasunka 
9. Natassa from natartg
10. Lia from meandmamacreations   

And of course some if my pouches were sold out. I really liked this denim fabric and sadly it is not available any more.

Visit again tomorrow for my Fresh Wednesday WIP.

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zina (efzin)
January 9, 2013 7:59 pm

teleia!!! ante k stin epomeni sunanthsh me to kalo!

Antigoni Pagali
January 9, 2013 6:02 pm

Μπραβο….!!! τι ωραια!!! δε θα πω και του χρονου…θα πω και τον αλλο μηνα 😉

Love to read your comments!