The summer bouquet

A bouquet from her garden
This amazing lovely bouquet was given to me by my dear friend Sylvie, who collected all those flowers from her garden. Isn’t it beautiful? It gave light in our home for almost a week! (Just wanted to show it to you).

I got back from my easter-holidays, and I haven’t shown you any picture….what a shame…

Easter holidays
We took a wonderful ride on the nearby mountains of Serres..(yes that’s me and my “free bates” t-shirt!)
Easter holidays
My husband’s niece and nefew preparing the salads….we had our family lunch at this amazing house of my sister-in-law….
Easter in Serres Easter holidays
Traditional roasted meat…a loads of other tasteful plates…
Maybe a vintage quilt

Maybe a vintage quilt
And my mother-in-law showed my this quilt that she bought years ago…(she doesn’t remember where or when), so it is not clear if it is very old or not handmade. I really wasn’t sure, but it did have some handquilting. If anybody knows or has seen it, please I would like to know this information…it could be a mass-producted quilt… But anyway it is adorable!
See you next week!!!
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One Comment
Ada Kopitopoulou
June 28, 2013 10:45 am

A lovely bouquet! Seems like you had a good time at Easter.

Love to read your comments!