Lady Gaga Pixel quilt

And mystery quilt revealed: Our very own Pixel quilt.
We needed the quilt ready for our Quilt Exhibition in 21 of June, and so the Lady Gaga pixel quilt came to life in just 2 weeks (maybe less!)!
Four people successfully contributed in the making of this quilt, and it was really challenging for all of us!

It was my first attempt into making a pixel quilt and in order to draft a pattern I used the V&A pattern maker that works really great especially if you are using a graphic or a comic picture.

The quilt size is 60 x 60 inches and is a collective work by our quilt group.
I really enjoyed this one, and mostly how quickly it came to life.

On Thursday I will be posting more about our amazing quilt exhibition here in Thessaloniki, don’t miss it, a lot of great quilts were presented!!
Till then, have a nice day!

Now it is your turn! Hop over at Freshly Pieced and take a peek on how everyone else is doing.

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