Bear Paw

An easy block using basic shapes, with a versatility that can make any quilt rock!

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Quilts made from this block

Cutting Instructions


Block Size

Cut 1 square for

center from Medium fabric

Cut 2 squares for HST

from Light & Dark fabric

Cut 1 square

from Light fabric

3” 2.5” 1 and 7/8” 1.5”
6” 4.5” 2 and 7/8” 2.5”
9” 6.5” 3 and 7/8” 3.5”
12” 8.5” 4 and 7/8” 4.5”

Watch the block tutorial

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One thought on “Bear Paw

  1. I just watched your video on you tube. This is exactly what I was looking for! Your instructions were clear, you gave the sizes and you even have this chart which shows the other sizes! I am soooooo happy! I make my own designs and needed to know the formula to make the size I need. Thank you so much! I subscribed on you tube, too.

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