The Economy quilt block can stand on its own as a separate quilt block, but it is also one of the fundamental blocks that is used in more complex ones. This four-patch block can be fussy-cut, scrappy and even used with solid fabrics.

This is a quilt block that can be used in a whole quilt without sashing and the outcome is really fantastic. It is also featured as a block on the Farmer’s Wife Quilt, and it is really elegant.

Fussy cut Economy quilt block
via Kate Basti

Cutting Instructions for the Economy quilt block

Many use the foundation paper piecing technique to piece the Economy block, but I find it a waste of fabric. If you cut your fabrics correctly, than you will have a perfect Economy quilt block.

Always remember FINISHED SIZE means the size it will be in a completed quilt. The measurements given already have the ¼ inch allowance included.

Finished Block Size Cut 2 squares from dark fabric (*cut in half) Cut 2 squares from light fabric (*cut in half) Cut 1 square from light fabric
4 inches 2 3/8” 2 2/8” 2.5”
8 inches 3 3/4” 4 7/8” 4.5”
12 inches 5 1/8” 6 7/8” 6.5”
16 inches 6 5/8” 8 7/8” 8.5”
economy quilt block quilt
via Crazy Mom Quilts
economy quilt block quilt
via Mack and Mabel

Names of the block

This and That, Hour glass, Thrift block

REFERENCE: Maggie Malone “5500 Quilt Blocks Designs”

economy quilt block quilt
via s.o.t.a.k. handmade

Video tutorial of the Economy quilt block

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