Farmer’s Wife QAL: Week 12

It’s been a long time since my last Farmer’s Wife blocks and I really missed them. In between the Greek crisis, a nearly due pregnancy and the heat of July, it has been really difficult to focus on anything concerning quilting. I try to find some inspiration here and there but my mind is very easily distracted. So for now I promised myself to relax, enjoy the few days alone with my husband, and not to worry about posting on the blog, quilting or generally working on anything. The problem with capital control in our banks (that was forcefully imposed by the EU) has made it impossible for me to buy crucial materials, such as batting, so for now breathing is the only way to surpass the Greek crisis stress.

For this week’s Farmer’s Wife QAL, I made these blocks, using foundation paper piecing, Lecien fabrics.

no. 21 contrary wife

no. 74 ribbons

Support Greece in anyway you can! War is upon us! #thisisacoup
Have a nice week!

Basic tools for quilting

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