Mei-Tai baby carrier with Tardis



Way back in November, I commissioned to a great girl (Kitrino) a Mei-Tai for my son. I made the front of the mei-tai and she finished the rest of it. It was love at first sight! The result was/is perfect! Our kid loves it, he immediately was able to sleep inside it (I had a very difficult time getting him to sleep during the day), and now we go everywhere with it. He instantly calms down (dah! naturally) inside my arms or his father’s arms. I would recommend a mei-tai to anyone who has a baby older than 1,5 months old, it is a perfect bonding “gadget”!

The Tardis was made using foundation paper piecing and some solids and Cotton+Steel fabrics from their basic line, and a great free pattern by Trillium Design, from her Doctor Who QAL.

Thank you Kitrino for making our dream-mei-tai and Trillium Design for a great pattern!

*Models: Husband and son.

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2 thoughts on “Mei-Tai baby carrier with Tardis

  1. This is an epic blending of nerdiness, quilting and babies. Genius idea. I’m sure Amy and Rory would have wanted one for Melody/River!

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