The NO quilt block


Some of you have seen it on my Instagram, so I guess I should explain why I made this block in the first place. Using Instagram, @poppypoochie was asking for fellow-quilters to sew a block using the word NO in various different languages. She plans to make a quilt in relation to violence against women and in particular issues of sexual consent (for men and women). Using her words “I will start by creating a quilt full of the word NO but in all the different languages of the world.  Thus highlighting several things – the worldwide (topically India) problem of sexual violence and issues of consent, making a huge statement no to mean different things – no means no in any language, no to rape culture in the west and no to the horrors of this type of violence all over the world and especially during times of civil wars etc.”

She also asked for paper pieced patterns or applique, etc. And I thought this was my opportunity to make a statement block and also create my first paper pieced block (of my own design). Having recently learned Illustrator, I managed to make my own pattern and sew it without any “problems”. I am really proud of the outcome.

I am looking forward to making more paper pieced patterns…I just have to find some spare time!





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