Flowerpath quilt, the Indigo one

This is my first version of the Flowerpath quilt, I designed it as always on Illustrator, and then it was really easy to get to settle in this palette. Love at first site!

Meet the Flowerpath quilt

The pattern is straightforward, with no surpises. It is made using 2 different units, sewn together for the final quilt block.

You can find the pattern in the Shop.

The river Aoos at the center of mountain range Pindus

When I finished the quilt top of the Flowerpath quilt, it coincided with a great field trip we did in the mountain range of Pindus, in the village os Vovousa. A magical place, built right next to the river of Aoos. I couldn’t be much happier with the backdrop for my photos.

on the bridge of Vovousa in Epirus
quilt process

The Flowerpath quilt is so cool when using multiple solid colors, as well as with prints, and the coolest thing is that I have used almost one fat quarter per color for the whole quilt.

quilt dimensions

64” x 80” inches

machine quilting

Another favorite of mine, the cross-hatch quilting, will never go out of fashion. And since quilting is not my strong point, I had to liberate myself and stop being perfect in everything. I don’t enjoy the process of quilting, so I will simplify it as much as I can.


Quilt started: May 2020

Quilt finished: February 2021


Fabrics Used

-Various Kona Cottons
Backing: Kona Cotton (I can’t remeber the name)

Binding: Same as the main background fabric

Batting: 100% cotton

I’ve prepared some cool drone videos using my Flowerpath quilt, enjoy!

This finish is one of my most beloved for the year of 2020, that has been so difficult for all of our planet.

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