Theme Day

Vintage quilts #8

Great weather today. The winter is not coming to Greece…and I hope it won’t come for a bit…

Vintage Quilts #7

Woke up with a funny feeling today. But I have to finish the backing for the Peek quilt….

Vintage Quilts #6

Back from Germany and with a lot of sewing apetite. I have been very creative lately and you…

Vintage Quilts #5

My vacations are coming in a week, and I am really excited…I’ll tell you about it in another…

Vintage Quilts #4

August is on its way to an end, and I have done absolutely nothing, regarding any unfinished quilting…

Vintage quilts #3

My Saturday finds, in a super-super hot, African-like HOT summer in Greece…No quilting, no sewing is possible… Source:…

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Quilts are the most intimate and personal of objects. They connect us with each other to the primal ground of the bed-the place we spend half our lives; where we are born, sleep, have sex, and die; the place where we replenish ourselves and dream our dreams; the place of nurture and healing, where we retreat in sickness and frailty; and the place where we receive the comfort and care of those who love us.

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