My Swoon Quilt

dark swoon quilt handquilting bigstitchquilting

It’s starting to be really embarassing to say when a UFO (unfinished-quilt) started. I know many of have more than 10 unfinished quilts or projects, but this is just not how I work. And it gets very frustrating for me to keep unfinished stuff. But it happens all the time, I just keep them in low number. In 2018 it actually was one. Yes, one. And it was my Swoon quilt, which I have been dragging it from town to town since 2013.

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I am officially on vacation…we are everyday at the beach swimming, drinking coffee… The strange thing is that everyday I wake up at 6.30 in the morning, and because everybody is sleeping, I am relaxed enough, to work on my swoon. It is my first attempt to make a swoon quilt, and oh boy!!… it

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My Robby and The Swoon

This Wednesday’s WIP is dedicated to my beautiful golden retriever Robby. He is six years old and we have him since he was two. Every afternoon, me and my husband sit on our diy sofa, and watch TV Series, eating sunflower seeds (we are totally addicted to them). Robby is just in love with sunflower

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