Christening favors for your baby’s baptism

Christening Favors for Anna
Finally I made a listing in my Etsy Shop for these cute little houses, for anyone who would like to have a unique handmade favor for your baby’s baptism. They require a lot of work including some hand sewing, so please if you would like to make an order do it in advance so that there is enough time for me to make them.It is a really joy for me to contribute to such a great event to your loved baby’s life!

Custom orders are also welcome, we could combine our imagination forces and make something extraordinary!
Christening Favors for Anna
Christening Favors for Anna
Christening Favors for Anna
Christening Favors for Anna
Tomorrow I will show another design for a christening favor that I made for a very dear friend!
Until then, keep on creating!

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