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It is already spring time and many of you have already started planning your summer weddings! The happiest day of your lives!
These cute kawai lavender sachets can be the perfect wedding favor for your guests! If your wedding has a floral and cottage chic touch to it, than these can be the perfect match!

Wedding favors
20 wedding favors in pink hues
Lavender sachets
Lovely kawai favors in any hue of your choice!
Lavender sachets
Choose your favorite lavender sachets for your natural wedding
Wedding favors
Your main theme is floral green? Than these are just right for your wedding favors!
Lavender sachets


All the wedding favors are made to order! Please place your order in advance!

These listings are for 20 favors – lavender sachets that each measures 2.75 x 2.75 inches (7cm x 7cm). It DOES NOT INCLUDE CANDIES or SUGARED ALMONDS that accompany the wedding/christening favors. If you would like the full wedding/christening favor package than you should contact me and we would make a reserved listing for you!

If you would like a specific tag with the wedding date/names than just ask for it! We would be glad to make one for you for FREE!

Available hues:

Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Yellow, Mixed hues

Need more than 20? Just contact me for a reserved listing.

Prices for other quantities:
1 Lavender sachet 5 euros
10 Lavender sachets 50 euros
20 Lavender sachets 80 euros (20% sale)
50 Lavender sachets 180 euros (28% sale)
100 Lavender sachets 350 euros (30% sale) [If you would like the almonds accompanying the favors it is FREE for this quantity]
200 Lavender sachets 650 euros (35% sale) [If you would like the almonds accompanying the favors it is FREE for this quantity]


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