Big Dipper

The Quarter square triangle is another fundamental unit of many quilt blocks, and in the Big Dipper quilt block, it is its main unit. Easy to make but I recommend some practice.

This is a quilt block that can be used in a whole quilt without sashing and the outcome is really fantastic. It is also featured as a block on the Farmer’s Wife Quilt, and it is really elegant.

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A little bit of history

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This was also one of the quilt blocks that was used as an Underground Railroad pattern, and it usually meant: dress in a disguise or put on a change of clothes. Another explanation is that Big Dipper means the Ursa Major, so it could be a code for Follow the star.

Cutting Instructions for the Big Dipper quilt block

There are more ways to piece the quarter square triangles. In this video tutorial I am showing you only one. So the way the pieces are cut depends on the method you will be using. Follow the video and you will not be lost.

Always remember FINISHED SIZE means the size it will be in a completed quilt. The measurements given already have the ¼ inch allowance included.

Finished Block Size
Cut 2 squares from dark & light fabric

4 inches

3-1/4 inches

8 inches

5-1/4 inches

12 inches

7-1/4 inches

16 inches

9-1/4 inches

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Names of the block

Bow ties, Envelope quilt, Hour glass, Pork and beans, The whirling blade, Yankee puzzle

REFERENCE: Maggie Malone “5500 Quilt Blocks Designs”
Big Dipper quilt
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Video tutorial of the Big Dipper quilt block

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Have you made this block using our tutorial?
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