Sewing Room Tour

After a year and a half in our new house, I guess it is time to take you on a tour of my sewing room. Our home is fairly big so that each one of us can have his own studio. That was a dream-come-true!

Only recently, my husband and a good carpenter friend, finished making the tables of my room.  He made me a built-in table for the serger, a table for my PC, a nesting table for my sewing machine and my all time favorite a cutting table. I “inherited” from a very good friend of mine an old but very well preserved serger, which I sent for service and we just replaced the motor (which is a second hand Pfaff motor…!). They made each table in a specific height so that it is appropriate for my height, that is why the sewing table is taller that the serger table.

I have been rotating my hanging quilts, so they do not loose their form or wrinkle, on a DIGNITET curtain wire, that is a very easy way to hang your quilts. Above my serger, I have hanged a GRUNDAL towel shelf for my unfinished projects and some finished quilts. It really comes very handy to just leave your UFOs, so that you can always be reminded to finish them! Yes that can be very frustrating but it has worked for me, I have only one long-term unfinished project left…!


Then there is my big PC table that I really adore, and above a shelf unit that came with the house. I need to redecorate it a bit and maybe organize it a little better.


I purchased a BILLY glass door bookcase, to safely store my fairly good fabric stash, and I need one more to complete my sewing room, or maybe a cabinet to also store my shop items.



Here is my tall, 90 cm, cutting table-with-wheels, that also works as the video shooting table for me. I wanted it to have wheels so I can easily move it around the room and thus be more flexible. I have also adjusted a BYGEL rail to one side of the table, for hanging all of my rulers, acrylic templates and other tools. Next to the table I’ve got 3 big plastic boxes to store scraps and batting.


I am thinking of buying this RASKOG cart, to put in between the sewing table and the serger, so that I can put there spools and other notions that I use in a daily basis, so that I do not have to get up from the sewing machine every time I need something. I also have a couple of narrow bookcases behind the door of the sewing room, but are too untidy to show you right now. There I store my books, more fabric and notions that do not fit in the Billy.


And this is my temporary design wall, that will be hanged more properly soon, with me and my Farmer’s Wife Blocks.

I need to hang a couple of quilts so that the room can be considered complete, but in any case, I love it as it is.


Modern quilts by Zafiro Vaxevanidou

Zarkadia Quilting Co. is a home-based company that focuses on making special and unique quilts that hug and caress. Quilts are love, tenderness, warmth and cure. Enjoy and be inspired by this art form and know yourself in the process.

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June 23, 2015 10:26 am

Κλαιω απο τη ζηλια μου αλλα χαιρομαι τοσο που εχεις τετοιο ζηλευτο χωρο!!!!!

Georgia Dritsou
May 30, 2015 2:04 pm


May 29, 2015 8:55 pm

I’m not a quilter, I’m a knitter, so you’ll find my yarn stash in my BILLY glass door bookcases (all 3 of them). This is a beautifully organized space, it must feel great to work in there!!!

May 30, 2015 7:51 am

Thank you Maria, I guess 3 Billys full of colorful yarn is a pure beauty!

Love to read your comments!