Mei-Tai baby carrier with Tardis



Way back in November, I commissioned to a great girl (Kitrino) a Mei-Tai for my son. I made the front of the mei-tai and she finished the rest of it. It was love at first sight! The result was/is perfect! Our kid loves it, he immediately was able to sleep inside it (I had a very difficult time getting him to sleep during the day), and now we go everywhere with it. He instantly calms down (dah! naturally) inside my arms or his father’s arms. I would recommend a mei-tai to anyone who has a baby older than 1,5 months old, it is a perfect bonding “gadget”!

The Tardis was made using foundation paper piecing and some solids and Cotton+Steel fabrics from their basic line, and a great free pattern by Trillium Design, from her Doctor Who QAL.

Thank you Kitrino for making our dream-mei-tai and Trillium Design for a great pattern!

*Models: Husband and son.

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Modern quilts by Zafiro Vaxevanidou

Zarkadia Quilting Co. is a home-based company that focuses on making special and unique quilts that hug and caress. Quilts are love, tenderness, warmth and cure. Enjoy and be inspired by this art form and know yourself in the process.

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Lynn F
March 18, 2016 6:19 pm

This is an epic blending of nerdiness, quilting and babies. Genius idea. I’m sure Amy and Rory would have wanted one for Melody/River!

March 18, 2016 8:29 pm

Yes, definitely! You are so right! Thank you.

Love to read your comments!