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My Swoon Quilt

The last UFO

It’s starting to be really embarassing to say when a UFO (unfinished-quilt) started. I know many of you have more than 10 unfinished quilts or projects, but this is just not how I work.

And it gets very frustrating for me to keep unfinished stuff. But it happens all the time, I just keep them in low number. In 2018 it actually was one. Yes, one. And it was my Swoon quilt, which I have been dragging it from town to town since 2013. 

But since 2018 was practically a hand-quilting year for me, (I also finished another handquilted quilt, the Rotating Quilt that comes with a free block pattern), I dived into the sea of Perle Cotton No. 8 one more time.

This quilt was always meant to go to a specific couple that I love very much, and as always it was a veeery late wedding gift. Well, that is how quilters gift stuff, some years later. But you get to keep them forever. I think that’s a fair trade!

Quilt Process

This quilt was machine pieced, handquilted and hand-bound by me.

Hand quilting and Big Stitch Quilting: I used white and light blue colors of perle cotton thread (no. 8) for hand quilting clamshells throughout the entire quilt, edge to edge quilting. I started hand quilting it March 2018 and finished June 2018.

The first thing I did before handquilting was pondering on “how can I do this WITHOUT marking?”. I totally hate marking and wanted to avoid it altogether. So templates. I watched a very inspiring, helpful tutorial on YT:

Then I stormed and made my own templates. As you can see in the picture below, my clamshells. I made almost sixe sets, they are made of felt and they lasted for the whole quilt.

And of course I don’t think I have to say it again, always hand quilting with a hoop. I bought my own for this quilt and I can’t do without it!

Again my needles were the Tulip Chenille no.24. These are by far the best needles for big stitch quilting that I have ever used. Only problem, is that I broke half of them during the making.

Swoon handquilting process

Quilt dimensions: 81” x 81” (206 x 206 cm).

Quilt pattern: But of course the Swoon by Thimble Blossoms. You can find the pattern here. This pattern has become an absolute sensation, since the day it came out. You find it on Instagram or Pinterest in amazing combinations and colors.

If you decide to make it then you can find limitless inspiration on Instagram, using the hashtag #swoonquilt

Remember to follow me on Instagram too! @zarkadia

Materials used

All materials are 100% cotton.

Quilt front: All blocks were made from fat quarters from the Soul Blossom collection by Amy Butler (Free Spirit fabrics) and the main background fabric is Sketch Denim Screen Texture by Timeless Treasures.

Backing: The known “problematic” purple solid I had. Want to know my adventures with this one? (yes what you are guessing is correct). Then read all about it in my Rotating quilt post. All tips about washing and color runnning.
Binding: I used the background fabric for the bindind plus many scraps I had from the Amy Butler collection used for the blocks. So it was a scrappy binding, really fun!
Batting: 100% cotton.

Date made: January 2013 – June 2018

Swoon quilt hand quilting clamshells big stitch quilting

And of course I made a personalised quilt label for the quilt using a leftover triangle that I had around.

label swoon quilt

Thank you for reading, have a nice weekend, and don’t forget to stop by my Instagram account @zarkadia to keep track on what I’m doing and maybe say hi once in a while!

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Clamshells everywhere
Modern quilts by Zafiro Vaxevanidou

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