triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern

Triangle Hexie quilt, a solid version

I know I haven’t been sharing a lot on the blog the past year or more, but I have a feeling that my blogging time is not over and it will evolve somehow.

I started the #trianglehexie quilt almost a year ago and as always I was waiting for a revelation to come to me so that I could finish it. And it came. And it’s over!

But I do not want to do the pattern wrong. The quilt top finishes super fast, and it is a very satisfactory finish. If you already know how to piece triangles, than this is a beautiful pattern (Emily Dennis did her magic).

triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern
Quilt Process

This quilt was really easy to piece, the pattern is quite straightforward. The colors matched so magically, that there was little more to do here.

Machine Quilting

I wanted to do something different on the quilting for this one, but keep the walking foot. So I made some drafts in Illustrator, and the picture below won!

triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern
quilting scheme machine quilting
Machine Quilting Schema
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Quilt dimensions

The Baby Quilt measures 39 x 55 inches. The perfect crib size.


Quilt started: October 2017

Quilt Finished: Ferbruary 2019


For this baby quilt I have used solid fabrics and one print that I bought from a trip in Istanbul. All 100% cotton fabrics. Top quality.

Binding is a black and white stripes fabric, that surround the quilt in a really bold manner.

The backing is a beautiful IKEA fabric that comes in 100% cotton, and is realy soft.

triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern
Quilt Pattern

The pattern I used is from Emily Dennis of Quilty Love and it is called Triangle Hexies, and it is really easy and with a beautiful outcome.

triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern
triangle hexies quilt quiltylovepattern

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