Lifesaver quilt pattern

Lifesaver quilt, the Cotton + Steel version

It has been almost a year since I made this quilt, and we have been using it ever since. It is my favorite version of the Lifesaver quilt, which was designed by me when I started writing this pattern. This is the quilt that I gifted to my son, and he uses and cherishes it everyday ❤️.

Quilt Process

I made an alteration when using the actual pattern and added one more row of lifesaver blocks on the quilt. I made this easy adjustment, while following the pattern to the letter.

Now the quilt fits perfectly on my son’s twin bed!

Lifesaver quilt pattern
Quilt Dimensions

64” x 80” inches

Machine Quilting

I have began to love (or maybe adore) the 1 inch quilting grid, and this design looks amazing in a grid quilting design. 


Quilt started: Feb 2019

Quilt finished: May 2019


Fabrics Used

-Kona Cotton Black

-Kona Cotton White
-Kona Cotton Steel Grey
-Βraidy teal, Macrame by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton + Steel

-Βraidy mango, Macrame by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton + Steel

-Peaches light blue, Fruit dots by Melody Miller, Cotton + Steel

-Things Grid Navy, Rotary Club by Kimberly Kight, Cotton + Steel

-Clothesline Floral Periwinkle, Lucky Strikes by Kimberly Kight, Cotton + Steel

-Ladies’ league navy, Lucky Strikes by Kimberly Kight, Cotton + Steel

-Mini chimes orchid blue, Lagoon by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton + Steel

-Lemon Trees Mint, From Porto with Love by Sarah Watts, Cotton + Steel

-Cutlery Ivory, Bluebird by Cotton + Steel

-Cutlery Periwinkle, Bluebird by Cotton + Steel

-Geos in Deep Marina, Meadow by Leah Duncan, Art Gallery fabrics

-Yellow letter carrier owl by Kokka
Backing: Kona Cotton Silver

Binding: Solid black and Black/White striped fabric

Batting: 100% cotton

lifesaver quilt pattern
This is the original design that I made digitally
Pattern Used

The Lifesaver quilt is based on the classic Bowtie quilt block, and is using a two-block design to make a whole quilt. I wanted to incorporate a type of “signature” in my quilt designs, and the 16-Patch block seamed like a good idea at the time. And it still does. You can find the pattern in the Shop.

Lifesaver quilt pattern

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