A lighter Half-Square-Triangle quilt

Scrappy quilts are the best! And actually they are more satisfying for the maker, because they come out of our “trash bins” (if they were gonna be thrown). But no quilter throws anything away, like NOONE!

So what do we do with them? We upcycle, we use in smaller projects, etc, etc. But today I will not be talking about scrappy quilts, I will be talking about THIS scrappy quilt.

I keep a small box with 6 inch squares, that are carefully cut from my fabric scraps. I have more boxes with different square dimensions, but this time I needed the big ones.

I needed a straightfroward design, that was gonna be fast and furious! And half square triangles were a match! 

You can find the finished quilt in my shop for sale.

In my old studio, back in Thessaloniki
Quilt Process

So I used a solid dusty white as background fabric and all the prints are scraps from that 6″ box. I actually made two quilts, a light and a dark one, but the dark is yet to be finished.

This HST quilt was made from scrap fabric, from my Flowerpath quilt, that I made last year for a custom order. You can find the Flowerpath quilt pattern, HERE.

Machine quilting

I machine quilted using wavy lines from the sewing machine, so forgiving and fats, this way of quilting a quilt in a domestic sewing machine. It literally took me a day to quilt the whole thing, and that was the fastest I have ever quilted a quilt.

Quilt Dimensions

This is a Twin Sized quilt, 64 x 84 inches (163 cm x 214 cm)

192 blocks, 5.5 inch per block (finished size).


Quilt started: May 2021

Quilt finished: December 2021

Fabrics Used

Scraps from the entire collection  August by Sarah Watts, Cotton & Steel

And more matching scraps from other quilts

Backing: Melody Miller from the Picnic collection (Cotton & Steel)

Binding: Striped pink fabric

Batting: 100% cotton

This photoshoot was in a village of Northern Greece that is called Stavroupoli, and is a really beautiful place with forests and the river Nestos next to the village. It was a misty day that day and everything was cold and dump and magical.

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Stavroupoli abandoned Railway station
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Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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