Sapporo coat, the serious one

Another quilt coat, and I do hope not the last one, was finished in 2021, but as usual, I don’t get to post about it until 2023. Let’s say that this is another story of procrastination, but not for this blog.

The process behind the making-of this quilt coat was again the 100 day project. So, I will tell you some story behind it.

The 100 day project

In covid year 2020, in midst of a quarantine, and specifically on April 1st, started the 100 day project, that is hosted every year by Lindsay Jean Thomson.

In order to participate you have to choose a project to make every day for 100 days, and use the hashtag #The100DayProject on Instagram.

Sounds easy? Well, I didn’t manage to keep up with it for the full 100 days, but I did “gain” two quilt coats!


The first thing that was made were the sleeves of the quilted jacket, that were pieced during the 100dayproject, and then I decided to make the rest of the jacket in a navy blue solid fabric.

The sleeves were made exclusively using scraps from solid fabrics, making a simple four-patch quilt block, with an improvisational technique. But the use of contrasting fabrics makes the whole synthesis, really unique and rainbow-ish.

The coat pattern

The pattern I used was the Sapporo coat by Papercut patterns, now called Nova coat. You can see a really good collection of different quilted coats on Instagram, using the hashtag #sapporocoat or #novacoat.

And since I am not a seamstress, and really incapable of making a piece of clothing, I asked (and received) the aid of my niece, Katerina Vakalou, to assemble this piece of quilted fabric into an actual quilted coat.

I think this particular quilted jacket looks so awesome in a man, that I made my husband model it, and I think he really loved it!


Date started: April 2020

Date Finished: May 2021

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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