Bowtie quilt pattern

Lifesaver quilt, the blue-pink one

Welcome once again to my enchanting world of quilting, where dreams are woven with threads and creativity knows no bounds. Today, I am making a leap into the past, when I was writing my first pattern and I proudly unveil the ethereal beauty of the “Lifesaver Quilt”. Like stepping into a magical realm, this quilt takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a garden of color.

As you gaze upon this quilt, you’ll be captivated by its celestial charm and the meticulous artistry that brings it to life. This quilt reminds my of a dawn sky, as each fabric is handpicked with care, and the vibrant hues and delicate colors evoke a sense of joy and playfulness.

Lifesaver quilt pattern

The Lifesaver quilt is based on the classic Bowtie quilt block, and is using a two-block design to make a whole quilt. I wanted to incorporate a type of “signature” in my quilt designs, and the 16-Patch block seamed like a good idea at the time. And it still does. You can find the pattern in the Shop.

quilt process

This was my first demo quilt for the pattern and it was really satisfying finishing something that I loved making. As my journey progressed, I ventured into the heart of the quilting process. I began piecing together the carefully chosen fabrics. With every stitch, the quilt starts to reveal its unique personality.


The soul of any quilt lies in its quilting stitches, and the Lifesaver Quilt is no exception. I felt seeing the dance of thread and needles as I was guiding the quilting machine in each section. I quilted this quilt using a 2 inch sized parallel lines and then I hand quilted in-between lines with different colors of Perle Cotton No 8., and it feels almost aetherial! My method for quilting in this design, on my home machine, is that I first quilt the whole one side of it with stitch-in-the-ditch technique, and than go back and fill out the rest of the lines. That way the quilt is much more stable and you get to play with the grid size that you want.

quilt dimensions

This quilt is throw size quilt and it measures 64” x 64” inches.


Quilt started: May 2018

Quilt Finished: March 2019


Solid fabrics from Kona Cotton

Backing: A plain solid black fabric with a piece of Text Ads by Suzuko Koseki

Binding: Striped pink fabric

Batting: 100% cotton

Bowtie quilt pattern
Bowtie quilt pattern
Modern quilts by Zafiro Vaxevanidou

Zarkadia Quilting Co. is a home-based company that focuses on making special and unique quilts that hug and caress. Quilts are love, tenderness, warmth and cure. Enjoy and be inspired by this art form and know yourself in the process.

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