Coded heart quilt, the red one

Love is a universal language that transcends boundaries, and in the world of quilting, it finds expression through vibrant colors and heartfelt designs. Today, I unveil the captivating beauty of another Coded Heart quilt, a red and pink quilt, where each stitch tells a tale of affection and devotion. Join me on this journey into the realm of pixel art and quilting, where love blooms in every square.

meet the coded heart quilt

A fun and beginner friendly pattern that has no HSTs and is really forgiving with beginner mistakes. It makes your fabrics pop-up, and is totally fat quarter friendly!

Quilt process

Pixel art has a timeless charm that harks back to the days of retro video games and nostalgic memories. In the context of quilting, pixel art offers a unique canvas for creativity, where intricate designs are broken down into small squares or pixels. Each pixel becomes a stitch, and the quilt gradually takes shape, like a digital painting transformed into a tangible masterpiece.

Red and pink are hues that speak the language of love, passion, and tenderness. In Coded Heart quilt, these colors intertwine to create a symphony of emotion, evoking warmth, joy, and affection. The deep reds symbolize the intensity of love, while the soft pinks add a touch of gentleness and care. Together, they form a harmonious color palette that embodies the essence of love.

The heart is an enduring symbol of love, and in Coded Heart quilt, it takes the center stage. Each block is a heart, carefully arranged to create a delightful patchwork of affection. The fabrics may vary, and this makes the quilt more whimsy and playfull, but their message remains constant—an ode to love in all its forms.

When complete, the pixel hearts quilt becomes more than just a piece of fabric—it becomes a symbol of love and comfort. Whether draped over a bed, wrapped around shoulders, or gifted to a loved one, this quilt radiates warmth and tenderness. Its presence offers a sense of solace, like a loving embrace from the quilter to the recipient.

This was the second demo quilt for the pattern and it was my favorite from the 3 demos. As the pattern is so easy, making this gorgous piece was a piece-of-cake. The fabrics I chose where carefully hoarded thourgh the years, some of my old Cotton and Steel fabrics that I really cherish.


I chose to quilt the whole piece in a grid quilting design that come really easy for me when I am on this stage of my art.

Quilt dimensions

This quilt is twin sized quilt and it measures 60” x 80” inches.


Quilt started: December 2021

Quilt Finished: March 2022


A mix of old Cotton and Steel fabrics by the old C&S fabric team, fabrics by Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alexia Abegg, Kim Kight, and Sarah Watts

Backing: A mix of polkadot-fabrics and a Melody Miller print,

Binding: Striped pink fabric

Batting: 100% cotton

As I marvel at the beauty of the Coded heart quilt, I am constantly reminded that love is composed of many small gestures, much like the individual pixels in pixel art. It is the culmination of the little things—the kindness, the thoughtfulness, and the care—that come together to create something truly extraordinary.

In the world of quilting, love finds its expression through quilts—a symphony of affection and artistry. From pixel to stitch, the quilt is a labor of love, embodying the essence of what makes us human—our capacity to care deeply and create beauty in the world.

So, let us celebrate the power of love and the art of quilting, as the Coded heart quilt unites red and pink hues to weave a tale of devotion and tenderness. May this quilt inspire us to cherish the love in every pixel of our lives, stitching together moments of joy, comfort, and affection. Happy quilting! 🌈🧵💖❤️

Photoshooting made in Avdira, Xanthi – Mirodato beach, Xanthi – Kentavros, Xanthi

Modern quilts by Zafiro Vaxevanidou

Zarkadia Quilting Co. is a home-based company that focuses on making special and unique quilts that hug and caress. Quilts are love, tenderness, warmth and cure. Enjoy and be inspired by this art form and know yourself in the process.

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