The tale of my Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder quilt – WIP

Last year on May, I organised a month-long workshop on scrap management and scrappy quilt projects. The workshop included two different scrap patterns to make:

  1. Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder quilt
  2. Harvest Moon (a tutorial by Megan Collins)

I chose to make the scrappy Jacob’s Ladder quilt, as it was on my bucket list for millions of years. I really love the work Blue Elephant Stitches is doing, and back in the day of the blogging season a Value Quiltalong was organised and this quilt was her project. I will write more details on that part later on when the quilt is finished.

In the vibrant realm of quilting, where hues and fabrics converge to create visual symphonies, this particular design has it all. Hues, value, and geometry all blended together to make something utterly spectacular.

At the heart of this quilt are the Jacob’s Ladder blocks, each a canvas for the celebration of diverse fabrics. Scraps from various quilting projects and from face masks I use to make during the lockdown season, find a harmonious home in these blocks, creating a quilt that is a patchwork of memories. The deliberate mixing of colors adds a playful charm, highlighting the beauty in imperfection.

In this quilt, the emphasis on hue and color value becomes a captivating study. Darks and lights, create a visual feast for the eyes. The play of light and dark values adds depth and dimension to each block, making the quilt a dynamic showcase of color theory in action.

I will leave some things behind for my next blog post, so I will leave you with plenty of photos to admire the beauty of color. 🌈🧵

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